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   Live Chat Rules    

Cycloo being a live, interactive game, we have thought that a chat could make it even more entertaining.
The Live Chat can be useful mainly to manage teams, to devise strategies during the race, or simply for the sharing and maintenance of the good atmosphere!
You should never forget that Cycloo is a game! Our clients are here to enjoy and have a nice time. If managing this source of communication becomes out of reach, we (The Firm Palamax, editor of this online game), will not hesitate for a second to close it down. If you are passionate about this game and believe that the chat is essential for the good running of the game, it is upto you to keep the threat of closedown in mind and thus, calm down people whenever need be.

What is strictkly forbidden and can lead to exclusion from chat and even from the game (at the discretion of the current moderator) with or without warning (at the discretion of the current moderator) :

1. the lack of respect for other participants : the chat promotes maturity, friendship and respect for others. Words and nicknames which are racist, sexist, xenophobic or homophobic will not be tolerated, for example insults.
2. Dishonesty: using the ID of someone, creating fictitious people and playing with the emotion of people will not be tolerated. This will lead to an irrevocable and permanent exclusion.
3. A lack of respect towards the moderators: the moderators of the Cycloo chat are people who are passionate about this game, who are defending the idea of having a chat for Cycloo. They are volonteers who give their time to the game and to other users. Maintenance of a pleasant climate and applying the rules are not easy things, the managing commitee of the Cycloo game will never go against the decision of a moderator: they are the boss of the chat, passionates that will defend the interest of the chat. Irrespective of whether you agree or disagree with them, you have no right to tell them anything. If you say something bad to a moderator, he has the right to exclude you temporarily or for always ( there is no room for any appeal as the moderator will always have the last word).
4. the following are obviously forbidden: floods (sending of excessive amount of commands simultaneously) ,nuke (other users or servers), takeover (stealing of channel), spoof (using someone else's IP address), etc...
5 Using clones ( being present on the chat at the same time under different psuedos...) without any valid reason.
6. using the chat as a means of advertising for third party games.

These particular cases of disputes or fights :
For a game like Cycloo, where there is a collective dimension (teams), we guess that for sure there will be disputes. The chat also helps to self explain, but we will look forward that these disputes do not aggravate. Do not forget that Cycloo is only a game and one should not cross his limits. In case of personal disputes, set back, and do not unnecessarily pollute this chat. Having a dispute does not pevent you from observing very carefully the rules of the good running of the game. Confronting people on the chat in case of serious disputes (which is not prohibitted) does not mean that you are exempted from following the rules mentionned below. The violation of a rule, even in case of a dispute, does not mean that you cannot be excluded from the chat or the game, permanently or temporarily.

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   Terms and Conditions    

By accessing and by completing and submitting the registration form on this site, Users hereby agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms carefully before you agree to be bound by them.

People below age 18 cannot participate.

In case of violation of the rules of usage of the chat, this will lead to the rightful closedown and blocking of the account. Nothing can then be done.

In case of exclusion from game, the tokens and the pellets still on the account will be definetly lost.

Participation is strickly restricted to only one fixed IP per home.

We reserve the right to seek legal justice for all attempts made to commercially harm us or for any action against the exploitation of the game (several accounts created on purpose by manipulating IPs) , and demand for damages and interest.

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   Game Rules   

Cycloo is a multiplayer dice game that simulates a cycling race. It is an easy game of chance that suits people of all ages. It includes a small part of strategy, it integrates an individual (each player is a rider) and a team dimension (riders belong to a Team). On top of this, there is social part (a good relationship with Team mates helps to succeed in this game). The concept of Cycloo is inspired from the long tradition of cycling board games which have been conceived all through the world since the beginning of the 20th century ( original idea was to bring online those games which have been played offline for a very long time among family and friends.


Role of the dices

Each player is a cyclist. Two dices are rolled by clicking on the green tray on the bottom right side of the game. Each result (a number between 2 and 12) makes the speed of the cyclist vary.
Results between 8 and 12 increase the speed while on the contrary results between 2 and 6 decrease the speed. 7 keeps the speed unchanged and brings a new a water bottle. Using a water bottle enables to cancel a result and roll the dice again (to avoid for example a flat tire/3 or a 'hunger knock'/2).
It may sometimes be wise not to roll the dices if your are already riding at a good pace, it is a way to avoid the risk of getting a bad result. The race lasts between ten and 14 minutes. A new race starts every 20 minutes.


The role of pellets and the rules for using them

The blue and green pellets are bonuses which can be used to increase the speed of the cyclist.
The blue pellet is an individual boost.
The green pellet is a collective boost which affects all riders on a ray of 10 meters in front and behind the cyclist who uses it. The area of impact is materialized in the horizontal bar under the race by two vertical green lines of both sides of the rider who will trigger the action.

The constraints of using the pellets during the race are as follows:

1) No pellet can be activated by the rider leading the race.
2) A rider cannot activate more than three pellets in a race, which makes 4 different combinations: either three green pellets, three blue pellets, two blue pellets and one green pellet, or two green pellets and one blue pellet.
3) The green pellet can only be activated as from the fourth dice round (for an activation on the fourth round, this means an impact on fifth round).
4) If on the same round a player activates a blue pellet and benefits from a green pellet activated by another player, then only the blue pellet is taken into account by the game engine.


Aspiration by teammates

Conditions that are required to benefit from the aspiration by a teammate:

1) The race must be at least at the third round of dice.
2) The first cyclist who is just ahead of you must be a member of your team.
3) You must finish the previous round at a distance of less than 10m from your teammate.
4) The distance on the road between your teammate and you must not exceed half the width of the road.
5) Your dice result must be less than the dice result of your teammate who is just ahead of you, and the difference (sum of the dices of your teammate less the sum of your two dices) must be between 1 and 5.

If all of these 5 conditions are fulfilled, then you will benefit for the aspiration by your teammate who is just ahead of you.



Race entries and prizes are based tokens.
Return rate to players (prizepool vesus entry fees) in races is 93%. Prizepool is distributed to the cyclists who cross the finish line in the first quarter ; the number of riders who win tokens is rounded to the highest whole number (example : The first 5 if 20 riders, the first 8 if 30 riders, the first 13 if 50 riders).
The purchase of a team (the ownership last one week), as well as the purchase of pellets (blue and green) is done through tokens.
Upon registration, a new player receives 100 tokens ; each 1st of the month, all active players ( having participated in at least 15 races in the previous month) receives 150 additional tokens (amount subject to changes overtime).
Users can buy additional tokens at any time through credit card or premium rate calls.


Arrival of the race

Individual earnings:
For each arrival of a race, Cycloo returns 93% of the sum of entry fees back to players. The winner group is the quarter of cyclists (rounded to the highest whole number) who cross the finish line before the other three quarters.Example: the first 7 riders in case of 25 participants, the first 9 riders in case of 34 participants, the first 12 riders in case of 45 participants and so on…).
The winner of the race, meanwhile, is automatically deducted from a tax of 5% of earnings: this tax is paid to his team boss.

Team earnings :
At the end of each race, a team ranking is calculated (please read the section 'Classification' to understand how this classification is calculated). The first two teams are awarded green pellets (collective bonus to be used during the race). The number of pellets won depends on the number of participants in the race:
- Below 20 runners : winning team : 1 green pellet
- from 20 to 30 runners : winning team : 3 green pellets ; second team : 2 green pellets
- More than 30 runners : winning team : 4 green pellets ; second team : 3 green pellets


Race Calendar

A new race starts every 20 minutes, non-stop from 8 A.M. to 3 A.M. the day after.
Race fixtures examples: 10h00 am, 10h20 am, 10h40 am, 11h00 am...03h00 pm, 03h20 pm, 03h40 pm, 04h00 pm...08h00 pm, 08h20 pm, 08h40 pm, 09h00 pm...
The race entry fee may change from one race to another.

The proportion of teammates inside the same race is limited to one third of the total number of starters.



There are 6 teams: the Reds, the Blues, the Greens, the Oranges, the Violets, the Yellows.
Each team is managed by a Team Leader, the owner of the team (called 'the Boss'). The owner can appoint one or several managers.
Each team has a stock of green pellets, which is managed exclusively by the Boss and the Managers.
There is no possible appeal to a decision made by either the Boss or a Manager (recruitment, expulsion, assignment of one or more pellets to a rider), or to a not loyal behavior (trust is a full component of this social game, betrayal can unfortunately also be part of it).

Recruitment, riders' management:
Only the 'Boss' and the Team Manager(s) are eligible to accept or decline the applications of new riders to join the Team.
A rider cannot move from one team to another more than three times between Monday at 20:00 local time and the next Monday at the same local time (20:00).
Only riders having participated to at least one race over the last 7 days are displayed in the Team membership page.

Purchase of a team:
Team ownership last one week, starting 20:00 local time. To become the owner of a team, one must buy it successfully in the auction room: it is the one who place the highest bid who becomes the new owner of a team till the next Monday.
On each Monday at 8pm local time, in case the ownership of a team changes, all the existing managers become once again ordinary team riders. The new owner can then reorganize his team of managers.


Individual Ranking

Getting into the Top 50 is the dream of any competitor on This public ranking is based on a 30 days history. Only the best rank is taken into account every day: the daily score of a cyclist is the number of riders that cross the finish line after him on this "best race". Finishing second of a 50 riders race is considered as a better performance than winning a 20 riders race ; in such a case, the first race is taken into account, not the second one. If a player wins several races on the same day, only the race with the largest number of starters is retained. The number of points scored per player is calculated for each day and all riders are then classified according to the total points scored on a 30 days rolling period.


Team Ranking

At the end of each race, a team classification is calculated and displayed on the site. This classification is made on the total points scored by each rider of the team.
Scoring: the number of points brought by each rider to his team is the sum of riders from the opposing teams who cross the finish line after him.
A team score is then calculated based on each individual score made by each rider of the team. All teams are then ranked based on the team score.Example:
The Reds have three riders in a race with 20 participants.
The first red rider finishes 2nd: he scores 16 points for his team (18 riders, including two teammates, finish behind him)
The second red finishes 10th: he scores 9 points for his team (10 riders, including one teammate, finish behind him)
The third red finishes 18th: he scored two points for his team
Sum of points scored by the team at the end of the race: 27 points
The overall team ranking is rolling over a 30 days period, taking into account all the races on this period.

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Click on the Next and Previous links to navigate through the help screens.
To open an account, click on the blue button "Registration"
If you already have an account, click on "Login".
To enter a race, click on the "Nomination" button on the top of the screen.
Before confirming your entry to the race, please check the entry price and the time of the race. Click on the blue button to confirm your registration.
The delay before the next start is displayed here on the top of the screen.
During the race, this other button displays your live rank.
(You can also click on it to display the live rank panel for all riders)
When race starts left click on green window bottom right corner. You can roll the dice every 30 seconds. The best result, the most you increase your speed!
The colored line under the green tray symbolizes the time left to roll the dice before the next round.

It is not mandatory to roll the dice each turn.
Use a water bottle to cancel a roll and try again.
(A [7] result dice gives you an additional water bottle)
To join a Team, click here. If you're not part of a Team, you will very likely not finish any race in the winnings, because you do not benefit from the aspiration by teammates unlike all other riders who belong a team.
The chat area is restricted to Premium Accounts.
Premium Accounts = customers having purchased tokens at least once within the last 60 days.
( In double view mode, the active chat is the bottom one )